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Exploring Ribble Valley

Located in the Ribble Valley

Located at the foot of the Ribble Valley, the Millstone is a wonderful destination for exploring some of the most beautiful scenery in Lancashire, along with fun local attractions for everyone to enjoy.

Here are a few of our favourite things to do in the Ribble Valley from your perfect base, the Millstone

Tolkien Trail

If you’re a fan of fiction and looking to learn more about your literary favourites, the Tolkien Trail is a must-do attraction for you. During his time at Stonyhurst college during the Second World War, J.R.R Tolkien found much inspiration in the gorgeous environments and tranquil scenery found in the Ribble Valley. Many people have found connections with the landscape on the 5.5-mile Tolkien Trail to his iconic work, from names like Shire Lane that may have influenced the famous home of the Hobbits, to the varied greenery and wildlife that may have been a creative backdrop for Tolkien’s ideas for the Shire.

Samlesbury Hall

A stunning stately home found in the heart of Lancashire, Samlesbury Hall is a haven for history-lovers, rich in incredible character and detail that makes for a special family day out. The manor house dates to 1325 and includes fascinating tales of ghosts, such as the legendary spirit of the White Lady, Dorothy Southworth, and the infamous Salmesbury Witches. You’ll explore the grounds and uncover the secrets of the Manor House, including the Victorian kitchen, schoolroom, manicured lawns and a 1950s bedroom. Once you’ve tired yourself out from exploring, you’ll be invited to enjoy a lovely meal at the Hall’s award-winning restaurant, where you’ll treat yourself to a freshly cooked waffle and a milkshake to end your day on the right note.

Forest of Bowland

Once referred to as the “Switzerland of England”, the Forest of Bowland is a beautiful area of rolling fells, scenic vistas and gorgeous countryside on the western edge of the Pennines. Offering 312 square miles of deep valleys and picturesque villages, the forest provides a great opportunity for walking and exploring, from climbing 557 metres to the summit of Pendle Hill, or enjoy the walking & cycling trails of Gisburn Forest.

Brockholes Nature Reserve

A former sand & gravel quarry that has transformed into a serene natural haven, Brockholes Nature Reserve is brimming with fascinating wildlife and is home to tranquil lakes, blossoming flowers and enchanting scenery. At 250 acres of woodlands and wetlands, there’s plenty for you to explore and marvel at, including a network of trails and hides leading to the fantastic floating village, the first of it’s kind in the UK.


Located just a 20 minute drive from the inn, the town of Clitheroe is regularly busy with year round attractions and seasonal activities that’ll keep you busy no matter when you visit. First, there’s the Bowland Brew Hall, home to the famous Bowland Brewery, a fantastic & unique environment that features 24 distinct cask ales and a variety of other tipples. Next door is the Everyman Cinema, a wonderful cinema experience where you’ll view the latest movies in luxury with comfy sofas, delicious food, tasty cocktails and more. And if you’re looking to explore the area and broaden your intellect, there’s Clitheroe Castle. First built in 1186 by Robert De Lacy, the castle sits high at the peak of Castle Hill and provides visitors with panoramic views of the incredible Ribble Valley countryside.

Hoghton Bottoms

A perfect walking opportunity for exploring the natural beauty of the Ribble Valley, Hoghton Bottoms is a fantastic walk that features some of the most stunning sights in Lancashire. The walk will expose you to gorgeous waterfalls, delightful wildlife and plenty of picnic spots. And if you’re looking to add some history to your day, be sure to stop by Hoghton Tower. First built in 1109 and recreated in 1565 by Thomas Hoghton, the stunning Manor House regularly hosts events ranging from ghost walks and history tours to food & drink markets and motorcar showcases, and was featured in a fifth season episode of the popular BBC series Peaky Blinders.